At Bearden Brown LLC, we consult with leaders of nonprofit organizations seeking to build more effective executive and governance capabilities at key moments of change and growth.

We engage during key events in the life cycle of the nonprofit, collaborating with organizations on a variety of institutional issues while providing an unswerving emphasis on clarity of vision and alignment of strategy.

We understand the diffuse nature of power in nonprofits and work with those responsible for governance and program implementation to support and develop leaders attuned to these special needs while focused on mission delivery and the building of the institution.


Leadership from governance boards and senior management is crucial to success in the nonprofit sector. Successful, effective nonprofit leadership knows how to include others, build coalitions, use language to clarify mission and focus, support shared interests, and get things done. We facilitate that success.


We believe in the power of the nonprofit/NGO sector to be a major force for good in our communities. That work happens through organizations large and small, and it requires thoughtful leadership.

for whom

Our primary focus is nonprofits. We have experience serving a wide range of organizations—from small, local efforts that are crucial to the life of our communities to national and international nonprofits that focus on some of the most important issues of the day.